The car needs to be cleaned constantly. The exception is if you have made the decision to turn it in to this company: Especially in big cities and during the off-season. Dry cleaning of the car interior is somewhat more expensive than washing, and in some cases, with heavy contamination, it is better to contact specialists.

Periodic cleaning, if desired, can be done independently, if there is such a desire and technical possibility. And also in those cases when you really want to save money.There are some ways to make the car shine with cleanliness, available to everyone.

If you understand, the dry cleaning of the salon includes not only dust cleaning. It is necessary to remove all large debris, wet cleaning, cleaning of seat upholstery, car interior using detergents.

When cleaning large garbage, you can use a vacuum cleaner, as well as an air compressor. It will remove garbage in hard-to-reach places. The mats must be removed from the cabin and the garbage under them must be removed. If there are covers on the seats, they must be removed and washed.

When using detergents, you need to pay attention to the purpose of a particular product. Then apply a small amount to the surface somewhere in an inconspicuous place. If the color of the surface has not changed, then the process can be started in full force. Apply the product, rub it with a brush (or a rag, see the instructions for the product), and when the dirt completely disappears, wash it off with a clean, damp cloth.

There are special stain removers for interior upholstery. They wash off stains well, and also refresh the smell from the seats in the cabin. These stain removers even remove oil, coffee, blood, and so on stains. Fabric seats need to be steamed with a steam generator.

In this simple way, the entire interior is cleaned. This is a very time-consuming and long process. If the car covers are leather, then the best means for washing will be a soap solution or a special solution for the skin. A special feature when cleaning the leather interior is the application of air conditioning after washing to protect the seats from mechanical damage.

When washing the windows, do not spray them with a spray gun. This will leave ugly divorces. Apply the solution to a special cloth and wipe it – the best option. If there is tinting, use the solution without ammonia, otherwise the tinting may crack and peel off. After washing the glasses, polishing is carried out.

The plastic panel is rubbed with a special tool. The buttons are wiped off with cotton swabs. The most important thing is to use all the solutions as intended. Then the dry cleaning will be effective and will last much longer. You should not save on money, if you have decided to save on professional cleaning.

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