It’s nice to drive a safe car. But safety consists not only of timely repair of running gear or other repairs. A comfortable environment inside the car is also important. It’s also nice to scrap my car brampton.

Every car smells differently inside. It is pleasant in some cars, but not in others. In the second case, the heated in the sun plastic, smells of cigarettes and road smog contribute to it. They distract the driver, spoil his mood and lead to unpleasant health consequences. That’s why it’s important to have a pleasant aroma hanging in the cabin.

There is a wide range of car fragrances on the market. Let’s take a closer look at the individual categories of these accessories.

Types of car fragrances
1. Helium. They consist of a container made of plastic. Inside it is a paste-like fragrance mixture. The air flow passing through the holes in the walls of the fragrance case fills the car interior with a pleasant fragrance. This type is widely available on the market and has a number of advantages:

a large selection of natural and combined fragrances;
ability to give off a pleasant scent for a long time (up to 3-4 months).
2. Liquid. Plastic or glass bottle serves as a body of such a fragrance. As the liquid evaporates, a fresh scent enters the cabin. This type is attached to the ventilation grille. But there are types that need to be sprayed regularly. Liquid fragrances have a number of drawbacks:

The liquid occasionally leaks;
short lifespan (1-2 months).
3. Impregnated. These are common “herringbone” and other cardboard devices, impregnated with fragrance. When evaporated, a pleasant fragrance spreads around the cabin. This is the most inexpensive type of fragrance, but it does not last long – 2-3 weeks.

4. Natural. The source of a pleasant smell is aromatic herbs, spices and other natural products. Externally, these are impregnated figurines made of wood or pouches. These are the most expensive fragrances. But due to their long life and pleasant natural smell, they are in demand.

Don’t forget to renew the fragrance in time so that the smell inside the cabin and the mood will be positive.

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