When choosing a car, many are faced with a problem, because they do not know what type of engine is better to choose: diesel or gasoline? Because of this there are many difficulties, because each of them has certain disadvantages and advantages. Even if you consider Ford cars, the prices of which differ markedly, you can determine that among them there are diesel and gasoline representatives. But there is no problem with recycling old cars, because there is a company: https://scrapcar.cash/how-to-scrap-a-car-in-ontario/.

The widespread popularity of gasoline engines earlier was due to the fact that Soviet citizens were accustomed to the fact that diesel fuel is used only by heavy agricultural machinery. Of course, previously it was so: diesel engines were installed on tractors, trucks and other types of equipment. But also produced cars with these engines, just few people knew about it, because they went for export. Now many car owners have freed themselves from prejudices, so they are beginning to consider the purchase of cars that run on diesel fuel.

Power characteristics and “voracity”

Due to the fact that in the diesel engine the fuel compression occurs with greater force, it is characterized by higher efficiency. A particular feature of the diesel engine is that the same amount of air enters the cylinders, regardless of load and crankshaft speed. As the load increases, so does the amount of fuel. However, even at its maximum capacity, the fuel injection volume is 1.5 times less than that of a petrol engine of the same volume.

Lower fuel consumption is associated with lower engine power. If you take two cars of the same model, their power will differ by half the horsepower. More powerful is the gasoline engine. In this case, the choice of car depends on what is more important for the owner: fuel economy or power. The orientation of diesel engines is unhurried urban driving. You can consider the model range of Ford cars, the prices of which will suit you, in order to determine the appropriate option.


Theoretically, all engine components in cars that run on diesel fuel wear out much slower than in the case of gasoline engines. And the chemical composition and physical properties of diesel fuel provide the engine components with extra lubrication. However, such features are only characteristic of quality fuel. Gasoline engines are less demanding in terms of fuel quality.
There are many other parameters that influence the choice of engine type, so when buying a car, you should focus on all of them.

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