In order for the fifth wheel to help in an emergency situation it should be kept in proper condition. Many motorists often neglect this rule, and sometimes have no idea where the spare tire is in their vehicle. This means that when the tire is damaged, you will not know what to do. That is why before a long trip you should make sure that you have free access to the spare tire and that you have special wrenches for its removal and installation. And if you still did not bring a spare tire, because of which you got into a serious accident, then use the service scrap for cash near me.

Where is the fifth wheel located?
Usually, the spare is in the luggage compartment under the overlap or in a container, fixed under the car. In this situation, you need to constantly monitor the position of the threads in the wheel stowage system and check that there is no rust.

What types of spare wheels are there?

Due to the fact that the size of the tires in the primary set today has become larger, most manufacturers choose a narrow-sized wheel galette (another name for a dock). Due to its small width, the spare easily fits in a recess under the decking in the trunk of the car. Considered from the negative side – this wheel lacks the performance characteristics that conventional wheels have. The maximum limit of driving with dokatku – 80 km / h, and even at minimum speed to drive with extreme caution. This is due to the fact that the narrow width of the spare tire does not mesh as well as the three remaining wheels. If the spare tire is located on the left side, you need to be careful when turning to the right and vice versa.

Specifics of care for the fifth wheel

Despite the fact that the spare is not involved in driving, it requires the same regular care as regular working wheels. Therefore, you need to check the tire pressure at least once a month. If your car has been in service for more than five years, it’s worth making sure that the structure where the wheel sits is secure.

Be careful when screwing on the bolts!
Note that if the wheel bolt was screwed on with a pneumatic wrench, you run the risk of not having a spare in case of a punctured tire. It is very important to have tools to help you react quickly at the time of an accident. Also, the tire may be bolted with secret nuts to protect against theft. Therefore, it is worth making sure you have the keys designed to remove the wheel in the car interior.

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