Unfortunately, there is a situation on the roads, when most car owners simply do not know how to use the car correctly and make mistakes concerning the competent use of the car. Let’s talk in detail about the main fallacies and mistakes of drivers and cash for cars.

A car with a manual will not always be more economical than one with an automatic transmission
As soon as the first automatic transmissions appeared, these transmissions were not distinguished by good dynamic characteristics and consumed several liters more fuel than a regular mechanic. Today, many car owners are convinced that a manual car will use much less fuel than an automatic. Indeed, this was true a decade ago, but today, with the advent of 7- and 8-speed automatics, such transmissions are even better in terms of fuel efficiency than conventional mechanics.

Much of this excellent fuel economy is due to fully computer-controlled transmissions, high gears that are designed for highway driving, and an improved hybrid clutch. Today such transmissions are not inferior in terms of dynamics to conventional mechanics, while driving the car is much easier and more comfortable, since the car owner does not need to constantly depress the clutch and manually change speeds.

Car doesn’t catch fire from a tossed cigarette butt
In many movies, you see this kind of price where a moviegoer throws a cigarette butt into a small puddle of gasoline, after which the fuel ignites and there is a huge explosion. Unfortunately or fortunately, this is just an invention of the filmmakers, in reality, car fuel simply cannot catch fire from a tossed cigarette butt. Of course, if you light it on purpose with a match, you can’t avoid an explosion. But a cigarette butt can only lead to ignition if it gets into an area saturated with gasoline vapor, which is impossible in the open air.

All-Wheel Drive Car Safety
Often owners of all-wheel drive cars are convinced that such a car will be safer than front- or rear-wheel drive models. In practice, however, all-wheel drive is only good on a broken road and when using the car in the winter season. While in normal situations, it will be even easier to drive a car with rear or front wheel drive than a car with all four wheels in motion.

Diesel cars are cheaper in exploitation
At first glance, a diesel-powered car, because of its excellent fuel efficiency, may seem cheaper and easier to operate. However, in reality, the cost of maintenance of such cars will be much higher in comparison with gasoline cars, respectively, all the savings on fuel will be offset. It is also necessary to remember that there are certain problems with the operation of such a diesel car in the cold season, when low-quality fuel can simply freeze in the tank.

Studded tires are better than ordinary Velcro
Many car owners believe that studded tires in winter will provide perfect traction and much better than conventional friction tires with a special tread pattern. However, tests have shown that studded tires provide excellent traction only on icy roads, while they are even inferior to friction tires on all other types of surfaces.

Bottom line
Today, the driver has many misconceptions about the operation of the car, which leads to certain difficulties when using the machine. For example, you need to remember that cars with an automatic will consume the same amount of fuel as a regular manual. Another common misconception is exaggerating the benefits of all-wheel drive, as well as the claim that a diesel-powered car will be cheaper to maintain than similar gasoline-powered cars.

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