Powder coating is a great way to protect an aluminum wheel from harsh conditions. What do you need to know about this method? And how much for scrap car?

Wheel polishing is not just an effective method of restoring them. It is also a way to give them an original character. It is for this reason that we also find factory-polished discs on the market. Regardless of whether the polish is a self-service or a factory finish, it must be properly protected. After all, aluminum corrodes when it comes into contact with moisture and salt.

The protective function is performed by a colorless varnish, which most often covers the polished surface. The problem, however, is that the coating is not very durable. In addition, due to its thinness, it is not a sufficient barrier to road salt, which can lead to the formation of corrosion points. Therefore, many owners of polished discs take them off for the winter or during this period take special care of them, often cleaning them. However, it turns out that this is not always necessary. Thanks to modern powder coating technology, polished discs can be used not only in summer.

Powder coated discs. Why choose them?

For the user, the most important advantage of a powder coating is by far the durability of the coating thus obtained. It copes well with moisture and substances such as road salt, which saves a lot of maintenance time. Much less often, chips, scratches and cracks also appear on its surface. In addition, the powder coated wheels are more resistant to extreme temperatures. This is clearly seen in the example of brake calipers, which, despite strong heating, retain their original appearance for a long time – this is the merit of this particular technology.

The powder coating method uses the principles of electrostatics. It is used to create a coating on elements made of conductive materials – and therefore primarily metal. Electrified fine paint particles, when applied to a metal surface, can settle tightly on it.

However, this can be hampered by various types of contamination. Therefore, before painting discs, their surface must be thoroughly cleaned of dirt and dust, grease and corrosion centers. To do this, you can use the technique of sandblasting, cleaning with soda. For aluminum discs, the latter method is best used, it reduces the risk of surface scratches. The use of chemicals such as phosphates also gives good effects.

Cleaned discs can be painted. An electrostatic gun is used to apply paint. The paint itself used for powder coating is in the form of small particles, up to tens of micrometers in size.

In order for the paintwork to firmly adhere to the surface of the discs and become resistant to mechanical and chemical damage, as well as to protect the metal well from corrosion, it is also necessary to polymerize it and bond with the wheel material. Therefore, after the completion of the paint application, the painted disc must go into a special oven, where it will be exposed to temperatures ranging from 160 ° to 200 ° C. The disc should remain in the oven for about 10 minutes.

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