Most motorists prefer to change the cabin filter on their own, since this procedure is quite simple and does not require a special tool. However, not all drivers perform the replacement correctly. What important procedure do most motorists forget about? Scrap car removal brampton?

Correct replacement
Most often, drivers simply remove the old filter from the climate system and replace it with a new one, but this is completely insufficient. Automotive experts recommend that every time you change the filter, clean the air ducts, because they accumulate a lot of dust that has settled on the walls. If this cleaning is not carried out, then over time, mold may appear in the climate system, which will negatively affect the health of the driver and passengers.

How to clean air ducts?
There are several working ways to clean the air ducts in a car. First, after removing the old filter, turn on the airflow at full power and leave it for a few minutes. The second method is more technologically advanced, but for this you will need to buy a can of compressed air. A long tube is put on such a cylinder, which is launched into the air duct and blown through all the pipes from dirt. When cleaning the machine from dirt, you must open all doors and wear a respirator so as not to breathe dust. Then you can insert a new filter and enjoy the clean air.

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