When buying a used car, we inevitably face the need to soon carry out maintenance and repair of the car and get cash for cars, while the car owner will need to purchase certain parts and consumables that change at the beginning of the operation of such a used car. Let’s talk in more detail about what will need to be replaced at the beginning of the operation of the purchased used car.

Spark plug
As the car is used, deposits and carbon deposits appear on the spark plugs, which significantly impairs their performance. To eliminate problems with the operation of the car and to make it easier to start the engine, you should purchase and replace spark plugs. Such work to replace them is not particularly difficult, so most car owners will be able to cope with such work on their own, saving on calling the service.

Changing technical fluids
When buying a used car, you will first need to replace technical fluids, including antifreeze, engine oil and brake fluid. It is on the state of such technical fluids that the performance of the engine and the correctness of its cooling, as well as the efficiency of deceleration of the car, will depend. Of course, the procedure is not cheap, it is often not possible to change the brake fluid on your own, but it will be impossible to avoid such costs.

Replacing the brake pads
Brake pads are consumables, they usually serve no more than 20-30 thousand kilometers, after which they need to be replaced. It is unlikely that before selling the car, the previous owner performed the service of the car and changed the brake pads, such work will have to be done independently, buy new high-quality brake pads and replace them yourself or contact a specialized service. Remember that it is by no means recommended to save on the safety of car operation and use a car with worn out brake pads.

Timing belt
We all know very well what can happen to the engine when the timing belt breaks. To eliminate such problems, it is necessary immediately after buying a car to replace the timing belt or a worn out stretched chain. This is a rather difficult and time-consuming job, but in the future, approximately 60-70 thousand kilometers, you will be spared such costs, while the car owner will be sure that the timing drive will not break off, and the car engine will not need to be restored.

Change the air filter
Over time, the air filter becomes clogged, which worsens the flow of air into the engine, the engine power decreases, and the fuel consumption increases. In such a case, car owners often perform expensive diagnostics and engine repairs, while the problem can be solved by simply replacing a clogged air filter.

Buying new tires
With a high degree of probability, the tires of the used car you bought will not be in the best condition. You will need to buy a new set of winter and summer tires, which will eliminate accidents due to poor condition of the tires. This is especially true when operating a car in the winter season, when the controllability of the car depends on the condition of the tires.

Installing a new battery
A worn out old battery will not start the engine well, and with the first cold weather we simply will not be able to start the engine. To exclude this, when buying a used car, you should also buy a new battery and install it yourself on the car. With proper operation of the car, the problem with the battery will be solved for 5-8 years.

Let’s sum up
Remember that when you buy a used car, you need to set aside a small amount for maintenance and repair of the car. So, for example, immediately after buying such a used car, you will need to change the brake pads, install a new timing belt, an air filter, replace technical fluids and spark plugs. Also, it will not be superfluous to purchase a new battery and a set of high-quality winter or summer tires.

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